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Tours & Activities at Jais Aben Resort

Bilbil Village - Tours from Jais Aben Resort Papua New Guinea Indonesia South PacificWhile at Jais Aben Resort, you have plenty of options. One is to simply relax while enjoying the peace and tranquility of the natural surroundings. However, if you would rather move about and see the sights, we have an assortment of activities in store for you. One of the resort drivers will be happy to escort you on any of the tours below. Just enquire for times at reception.

Tours & Fishing

There are never any guarantees in sport fishing, yet catching a marlin like the one shown is not entirely uncommon. Tuna, mackerel and dozens of other speciesawait the skills of a good fisherman if the dolphins don’t scare them (the fish, that is) away. Be prepared to leave before the sun is up as the best fishing takes place early. All gear is provided for your convenience, unless you brought your favourite rod with you of course.

Real Life Village Tour - A Jais Aben Exclusive

This full day tour consists of visits to villages one hour north of Jais Aben Resort along the North Coast Road. Departures are from Jais Aben at 9 a.m., returning 4:30 p.m.

The tour is an interactive, ‘real life’ tour, meaning that activities seen are part of daily life in the village and none are ‘staged’ events. This also means that activities may vary somewhat depending on what is happening at which location.Vegetable Market Tour from Jais Aben Resort Papua New Guinea Indonesia South Pacific

Vegetable Market

When you see outriggers laden with fruits and vegetables, you know they are probably on their way to the market. Hundreds of vendors spend the day selling their organic food as a way of life and of course to gain an income. There is no pushiness here, which allows for a lot of comfortable browsing and eventual buying, since it is so hard to resist the wonderful produce. This tour is less like grocery shopping and more like a cultural experience.



Coastal Tour by Boat

Weather permitting, Jais Aben will take your party out for a delightful boat ride up the coast. This is a great photo opportunity as well as a chance for those who just enjoy being on the water.

River/Jungle Trek

Jais Aben’s new professionally guided River/Jungle Trek is not for those who like a walk to the refrigerator. It is a sometimes light, but sometimes a very challenging multi-hour ‘bushwalk’ involving several river walks and crossings, grassland trails, flatland jungle canopy walking, and climbing to elevations. Only the truly fit may apply. Full details at the resort..

Snorkelling Trip

Nearby to Jais Aben is to be found some of the best snorkelling you can find anywhere. Immerse yourself in majestic coral reefs amidst dozens and dozens of species of fish. Let Nemo nibble on your fingers if you dare. The waters are so warm that you never have to come out. Our boatmen guide you all the way and bring you back to our Bridge Bar where your stories can begin.

Other Activities at the Resort
  • Reef Fishing
  • Canoeing & Sea Kayaking
  • Gym

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