Vacation at Jais Aben Resort  near Madang, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia South Pacific

Location of Jais Aben Resort


Jais Aben Resort is a marvel of nature located on 22 acres of a former coconut plantation, nestled beautifully on the tip of a peninsula. Situated between the Bismarck Sea and the Nagada Harbour, it is 19 kilometers north of Madang town along the North Coast Road.

The aptly named Jais Aben means ‘resting place’ in local language. Many people tell us that this is precisely the feeling they have immediately upon arrival. Jais Aben Resort is owned by Pacific Resort Hotels Limited, and is constantly finding new friends from within the country and from Europe, Japan, Australia as well as the U.S.A. and Canada.

Located directly on the seafront with beautiful views facing the

Location of Jais Aben Resort Papua New Guinea Indonesia South Pacific
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open sea, it features twin bungalow style units, all strategically located to catch the sea breezes. The sea at the resort is pristine,with marvelous underwater life to see right at the resort itself. There is even an underwater plane wreck directly off the private beach.

The entire area is considered to be among the top dive spots in the world. Due to its relative remoteness it offers unique and private experiences for both novice and experienced divers. Even snorkelers travel from afar to see the ultimate in reef life on the trip of a lifetime.

For the essence of exotic, and the other world you haven’t seen, Jais Aben Resort is a breathtaking experience.

To find out how to get to Jais Aben, go to our Travel link.


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